garden in a book

I love old books. I’ve also been very intrigued by succulents, found in crafts all over. Now I have them both in the same place.

Start out with an old book. This is an old photo album I found at a flea market. It already had a hole cut in the middle. The cover was a little more tricky. Seal the edges with Modge Podge.


The plants were big, so I used part of them. They spread, so I’m hoping to keep using them for other projects.

Succulent potting soil is available. You can make your own by using regular potting soil and adding sand.

Here’s the finished product. I added moss to finish it off.

And from the top. I’ve been told the only thing you can do to kill succulents is to over water them. Small chance of that. :]

Home Depot is a good place to find succulents. There are endless varieties. Find a few you like and make your own look!


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