Curtain: Out on a Limb

A friend and I took a walk around the block. When we came to the woods behind the graveyard, I stopped and said, “Hey, I want a branch for a curtain rod. Do you want to help me find one?” My friend, intrigued by the odd request and always ready for adventure, tramped through the woods with me to find a curtain rod. After finding a branch we thought would work, we headed back to school.

For weeks, the branch balanced above the plain metal curtain rod. Decorating a birthday cake, taking a field trip to Washington, D.C., and keeping up with homework took obvious precedence.

But finally I took action. I cut off part of the sheer curtain I picked up at a dollar store. Soon I had strips to be sewn on for loops. I tea-dyed narrow lace and sewed that to the loops. After a bit of maintenance, the branch was ready for use. Before hanging, I twisted twine around the branch to hold the greens I planned to add. Once all was hung properly, I went out with a scissors and chopped away at the holly bushes outside my window. The greens and berries gave the curtain the final touch it needed.



Now the curtain is finished…until spring, when the holly is only a reminder of cold winter months.


2 thoughts on “Curtain: Out on a Limb

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