All in White

A bit of decorating inspiration. . .

I think it started with these. I found them securely taped inside a bag on a cluttered shelf at Salvation Army. Keturah’s painting and sanding craze hit me, too, so imagining them in white, I paid a few dollars for them and tossed them in the drawer with the rest of my crafting supplies. There they remained until I came home for Thanksgiving.

Being out of the kitchen for a few months always inspires me to cook when I’m home. In the week before Thanksgiving, whenever I couldn’t sleep I tweaked the Thanksgiving menu. Strange? Probably, but more profitable than counting sheep, and more relaxing than thinking about upcoming psychology and world history tests.

Wednesday evening, I wrote out the menu. Following a tradition my mom started a few years ago, I delegated dishes to my siblings. Jonathan took care of the salad. David was in charge of the pumpkin pie. I turned the decorations over to Keturah. She agreed that we should do lots of white.

So…menu first, decorations second. Actually, the food became a big part of the decor.

…creamy chai lattes

…crusty artisan bread with tart cranberry curd

…spinach salad with candied pecans, mozzarella cheese, and lemon vinaigrette dressing

…roast turkey with stuffing

…and spicy pumpkin pie.

Napkin rings in white. Keturah used homemade chalk paint and Johnson’s wax and sandpaper, of course. 🙂

The mossy pine cone combination was my favorite! She found these ready made under the spruce trees.

Keturah made these cake stands out of candlesticks and plates.

I know the holidays are over now, but I love white paired with God’s beautiful green and brown creations anytime!


2 thoughts on “All in White

  1. well at least you owned up to the ‘thanksgiving meal.’ i was hoping you would try to say it was a Christmas feasty so I could post a biting reply. pun unintended. hey. I miss you. you should pop in sometime and help me people watch:D just kidding in case any other people read this;) -holli

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