wedding gift diy {mr. & mrs. aprons}

Well, now it’s been two weeks since the last post. Sorry if you popped back in here occasionally only to see nothing new.

For this project I used this pattern from the purlbee. It’s a very simple, easy to follow tutorial for a very versatile apron. She called it a unisex apron, but I wanted the mrs. apron to fit a lady, instead of wrapping around her twice.

For her apron, I cut two or three inches from the two sides and from the top. That forced me to adjust the pocket placement a little bit. After those adjustments I finished them the same way. 

Cutting out the letters was the worst part. I printed out mr. and mrs. as a template and pinned the paper to the fabric. After cutting them out I used an iron-on fabric fusion tape to hold the letters in place while I sewed them on. And I used lots of fray check! The fabric I used for the letters was linen and frayed easily–probably not the best choice for letters. I hope the fray check will make the letters last, making the aprons more durable, as well.

I made one last addition to her apron for a feminine touch–a touch of lace to the hem. You can see this in the last picture.

This gift was a joint effort–I made the aprons and a friend of mine bought kitchen and grill utensils to go in the pocket. We didn’t need gift wrap for these; we just popped the utensils in the pockets, folded them up and made a bow out of the ties. So simple and fun!

Thanks to Keturah for taking the pictures, and to my brother David for enduring them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “wedding gift diy {mr. & mrs. aprons}

  1. Don’t get married yet! You need to come finish a year here. 🙂

    I like the aprons. They look like a great gift!

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