Alice in Wonderland Party-a tiny peak

Just one picture. More later.

The day was wonderful. I don’t know how many times I anxiously checked the weather yesterday. Of course the forecast changed multiple times this last week, but it was mostly sunshine. Then it poured yesterday. Inches of rain. The forecast that showed sunshine changed to clouds and then to isolated thunderstorms. I just hoped that the storms would be isolated to the next street, not Williams St., please! Feeling selfish I reminded God that I had put hours and hours into this party and I’d really appreciate it if He’d give us a few hours of sunshine. At least from 9-11.

The floods continued. Occasionally the sun at least considered showing its face, only to be shut out by clouds and scared off by thunderclaps.

But the morning dawned beautifully. Fog tried to block out the sun for a while longer, but the sun proved stronger. We partied outside, and I thanked God for the weather!

See, outside really suited my purposes better.

I’ll be back with more in the next few weeks!


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