Easy Oreo Truffles

You know the part in Alice in Wonderland where she meets up with two Oreos and frees them from drowning in a glass of milk? That’s where the idea for incorporating Oreos in the party originated.

Convinced? Don’t be. Actually, this recipe came from one of my aunts. When I invited them to the party I asked them if they had food they wanted me to make. Aunt Mary gave me this recipe.

I’ve made Oreo truffles before, but Mary wanted them frozen. They’re really good that way! The rich chocolate and frosting isn’t as overpowering. In other words, you can eat more frozen than you could at room temperature. See how that fits into your diet. 🙂

I love this recipe for it’s simplicity and because it takes only three ingredients. Here it is!

Oreo Truffles


1-8 oz. bar cream cheese, at room temperature

1 package Oreos (I chose original because I wanted more chocolate and less frosting)

1 bag chocolate chips (or other chocolate for dipping)


Crush Oreos in a food processor or with a rolling pin. Mix cream cheese and crushed Oreos. I mixed it with a mixer because the cream cheese and Oreos didn’t fit into the food processor.

Form into balls. I used a small cookie scoop and then rolled them into balls. Chill for an hour.

Melt chocolate chips. Add a few drops of oil to make the chocolate thinner. A little bit of oil will make the chocolate cover better; be careful about using too much because oil keeps the chocolate from hardening.

Drizzle with white chocolate. If you want more variety, dip some in white chocolate and drizzle with dark chocolate. You can also keep back some of the crushed Oreos and sprinkle that on the top.

Serve frozen or not. Your choice. 🙂

P.S. A small announcement–I’m going to be posting (hopefully) a collection of stuff I’ve accumulated over the last six to nine months that never made it onto this blog. Most of these posts will be almost entirely pictures. At least one is a recipe, so I will share that. I think if I post in pictures I’ll have time to post. Doesn’t that sound good? 🙂 Of course, I welcome comments, so please ask if you have questions or want to know something about the pictures.

One more post about the tea, and then on to picnics and hummus and wildflower arrangements–all in a quick rush before summer is over.



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