Autumn’s Glory

Today in class we discussed living in glory. Mr. Brubaker suggested that living with God in glory is not confined only to life in heaven after death. Instead, we can live with God now and experience the glory of every day…every season’s beauty.

After hearing the word “glory”, I instantly thought of my grandpa who died a few years ago. I couldn’t keep from smiling as I thought how his heartfelt glory would bounce off the pews in front of him when he agreed with something in church. Grandpa was a quiet man, but he didn’t keep his praise for God’s work inside.

Glory in the drops of rain that fall into puddles lit up by sunshine.

In swampy marshes and weeds growing in unlikely places.

In tiny flowers bravely beautifying the roadside.

Glory in puddles, in splashing, and in being a child again.

And watch out for the details and the big picture in creation.


One thought on “Autumn’s Glory

  1. I was scrolling down through your blog and saw the trees. Involuntarily, I sucked my breath in. “Ah, those trees!” I said it without thinking. “I recognize those trees.” Thank you for posting. =)

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