{Wish Dust}

This time of year I keep my eyes open for signs of magic. The lure of crisp leaves crunching under my feet keeps me hopping all over the sidewalk like a hyper-active toddler who just escaped from its mother’s grasp. Brilliant colors mysteriously pop out of the ground, show brilliantly on previously monochromatic trees, and with blue boldness show off puffy clouds. Crisp air pulls me outside.


Will my homework magically disappear if I indulge in the magic of swinging in crisp air or blowing dandelion fluff?


No, but the creative energy that autumn pulls out of me does make me work faster. Possibly because deadlines come faster when I’m doing extra things.


Last week I took two charming children out on the swings with me. On our way back, we had a run in with wish dust. Isn’t it a perfect name for the wisps of fluff we blow when we make a wish? Well, Tina thought I should sell it, so I made this. No, it’s not for sale. I want to look at it myself right now.


Then today I went out with one of those charming children. He showed me the perfect spots in the woods for these pictures. I’d say he has a good eye for magical places, wouldn’t you?


Now, go take two pinches to keep up your imagination and enjoy the magic of autumn.



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