Handmade Mittens

Sometime around Thanksgiving I became convinced that I needed mittens. Maybe because I left my gloves at home and was forced to rely on my coat pockets to keep my hands warm. Maybe because I’ve made so many fingerless gloves for other people. Maybe because mittens are old fashioned and vintage. Yes, all those reasons counted, but especially the last one.

After endless pacing at Jo-Ann Fabrics I found this yarn. It changes from red to brown to shades of grey at random intervals. I like the odd changes rather than a pattern that changed colors every row. I did the first rows of these gloves so many times! It took me a long time to find a crochet pattern I liked. I ended up using a pattern for fingerless gloves that used the same size hook and then I added the rest of the mitten.

I love how they turned out! They’re warm, but the yarn is still thin enough that I can do things with my hands. (The first pair I made with thicker yarn made me feel like a helpless child. 🙂 )

That was my first project of Christmas vacation. Hopefully two more crochet projects and a sewing project will show up here in the next few weeks!

That’s all for now.


5 thoughts on “Handmade Mittens

  1. Love these mittens too. The warm colourtones and the unstructured pattern created by the changes in colour give them such a homey cozy feeling. And you’ve done a lovely job with photographing them also.

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