This scarf was lying here trying not to be sent to Goodwill. I liked it but it was so small that I didn’t use it, so it was added to the pile to be moved on.

Last night I saw it again and had a sudden inspiration. And strangely, it was a quick and simple inspiration. 🙂 (Perhaps the past year of working full time, plus trying to keep up with photography and a social life have something to do with the slightly less time consuming inspiration.)

It was to be a cozy little rice bag. The whole project took about 45 minutes and would have been finished much sooner if I hadn’t added the flower or had to take out some seams.

In the process of envisioning the finished product, I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that one side would have a wide blue strip and it would look strange, but then I decided to add the flower to make it look like the blue end was meant to be there -the best part of upcycling things, you are presented with more or less options, it just depends how you look at it!

I started by sewing the flower to one end of the scarf. It’s a simple ruffle spiral made from an old worn polo shirt.

Then I folded the scarf in half and sewed the two layers together with a zigzag stitch, but it looked really bad and stretched the scarf so I took that out and sewed a straight stitch instead. This worked much better. Once both sides were sewed, I added the rice.

After adding the rice, I sewed that end closed. All the seams were top-stitched. The thread isn’t visible since the weave of the scarf absorbs the stitches.

It’s that simple. And a great way to use a $1 scarf. Now all that needs to be done is to heat it in the microwave for a minute or two, drape it around one’s neck, and grab a book and a cup of tea to enjoy its coziness.

Stay warm!

P.S. Is it acceptable to give an upcycled project as a gift? 🙂


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