Snow Day Doughnuts

3365Doughnuts are a snow day tradition at our house. Sometimes they weren’t started until the afternoon because my little brother didn’t feel the urge to start making them until then. My mom was always a bit leary about Jonathan’s doughnut baking because mixing and frying doughnuts is much more fun than cleaning up flour spills, hot oil, and smudges of glaze. But I think he’s learned well. In fact, if I may brag a bit… 🙂 He got up early the last day of school before Christmas vacation to help my mom make doughnuts for school’s Christmas brunch.


For the past five weeks I’ve been at a school in Pennsylvania interning under an experienced first grade teacher. And I’ve been staying with a very good friend of mine. This school year has had more than it’s share of snow days. On one such day, I decided to introduce them to one of our family’s traditions.

The only cutter we could find was this cute heart shaped one. Didn’t it make the cutest doughnut holes? 3375

What are your snow day traditions?


One thought on “Snow Day Doughnuts

  1. The same: doughnuts! (I never had snow days because of being homeschooled in the South, but it’s a tradition from Kyle’s family that we’re carrying on.)

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