A Try at Pottery Painting

At the beginning of my time in Lancaster, Joy and I planned a few things we wanted to do. Our list included pottery painting, something I had never done before. I had mixed ideas–I wanted to find the perfect project and go with an idea in mind, but I also knew that it could change completely when I got there. So I let the second option happen.

I walked into the shop and almost instantly found this yarn bowl. Now, I’ve seen quite a few yarn bowls and they’ve always intrigued me, but I never justified buying one. So when I found this one I was pretty sure it was meant to be. 🙂


These were the tools I started off with. I got my inspiration from the tiles you squirt your paint on to, but I chose a dark grey instead of the black.


Joy painted a cake stand. All pottery needs three coats of paint or the white will show through. That’s not a problem if you do a solid color like she did, but it gets complicated if you choose to do a stencil.


The paint gets a lot darker after it’s fired. At this point my bowl was still a medium grey. In this picture you have a better view of the inspirational tile.




This was the scary part. I used earth tone paint. The first color I applied was oyster shell. This paint was much different from the first paint I used, and I ended up putting it on too thick the first time.


I knew by the tile beside the paint that the paint I had chosen would end up blue, but it was really weird to paint burnt orange on my bowl!

We left our pottery there for a few weeks so they could fire it before I picked it up. It was fascinating to see the change!


Here is Joy’s cake stand in a beautiful green.


And my handly little yarn bowl! I was disappointed to see the dots turn into tear drops (or flower petals if you are an optimist :)), but I’m used to it now. I love putting my yarn ball in here; the ball spins around in the bowl instead of tangling up on the floor.

I can’t wait to try painting pottery again now that I have a better expectation for the end result.


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