Once again, I did almost no homework over spring break. Instead I relaxed in my favorite way…with lots of projects. Here is why I didn’t do nearly as much homework as I wished I had once I was back in school.


Did you know dandelions are edible? Some members of my family disagree, but they’re pretty good in gravy with bacon and hard boiled eggs!

9917I spent a few hours addressing envelopes for graduation. I’m having so much fun with the book Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe. I especially like the pages with lettering ideas.

Somewhere in the week I worked on a leather journal for one of my friends. She plans to fill it with pressed ferns and poetry. (Maybe pictures later.)


This dress for one of my little friends evolved into something I love! More pictures of this later, too. Thanks to Keturah and my friend Joy for the poppy infatuation/inspiration. 🙂


And then the last evening I was home I hosted a small group for dinner for an interview project. I was really nervous about the interviews, but it was a really great night. (And I found a little boy that loves broccoli. You should have seen his eyes light up when his dad let him serve himself broccoli!)

That’s all.



A Peek into my Sketchbook

I’ve had this thing for poppies recently so on Sunday afternoon I sat outside and played around with my watercolors and painted poppies to my heart’s content. They’re so much fun and quite easy!




It snowed again…


I had wonderful intentions of responding to Keturah’s post about spring with one of my own. I would have showed you the ranunculus I’m growing, and my tray of succulents, and maybe the jar of sprouts, or the nice package of seeds I bought a few weeks ago. Instead I’m posting pictures of snow. Yesterday someone was moaning about the predicted snow. Another person said, “Oh, but just think of the nice dusting of snow that will be on the crocuses.” I don’t always like sincere optimism.


But she was right. Our class planted 800 bulbs last fall as a class gift. Now we’re proudly watching the little ones come up. The crocuses started on the bank a few weeks ago.9820

Just last week I found a bunch of glories of the snow. They bravely opened up regardless of the blanket of cold wet snow.

9804Here are two of the many tiny snowmen that appeared on the sidewalks this winter and spring. These two are obviously morning people. The mere thought of evening makes their hearts melt like water. (To quote Joshua in KJV 🙂 )

Spring. Please?

I am very ready for spring.
Fresh air.
Open windows.
Green things growing.

So I brought some from Arkansas. I attended a Bible School in Arkansas during the last month and a half and spring has already started there. Having tasted spring already this year makes me wish for it more here. So I brought some in for my desk.

The trees are starting to bud so I cut a few twigs and brought them in to enjoy the fresh little leaves when they pop.

I love this little nest from last summer. An artsy little bird bordered her nest with these lacy little weeds.

I brought this moss back from Arkansas. It represents good memories of walking along a woody riverbank that was carpeted with this beautiful thick moss!

This is what I did. Very simple and it makes me happy. How are you enjoying spring’s little beauties?

Crocheted Boot Cuffs


Hello. Here is a very belated post I promised…. And now I need to get it up before spring is here for good. These boot cuffs are one of the crochet projects I made this winter with a free pattern from Ravelry. You can get the free pattern here!


These go together quickly and add some extra needed warmth in the winter.  But you can wait until next winter to try out the pattern. 🙂