Spring. Please?

I am very ready for spring.
Fresh air.
Open windows.
Green things growing.

So I brought some from Arkansas. I attended a Bible School in Arkansas during the last month and a half and spring has already started there. Having tasted spring already this year makes me wish for it more here. So I brought some in for my desk.

The trees are starting to bud so I cut a few twigs and brought them in to enjoy the fresh little leaves when they pop.

I love this little nest from last summer. An artsy little bird bordered her nest with these lacy little weeds.

I brought this moss back from Arkansas. It represents good memories of walking along a woody riverbank that was carpeted with this beautiful thick moss!

This is what I did. Very simple and it makes me happy. How are you enjoying spring’s little beauties?


2 thoughts on “Spring. Please?

  1. Awww, Friends! I love this place! I just “came upon” it a bit ago… yall make me happy! Love the spring arrangement Keturah!

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