Oregon::part 1

We arrived in Portland at 2:00 Thursday afternoon, two hours after the planned arrival time. I never knew train travel involved so many delays! I also didn’t realize how much train travel exists. Most of our delay was caused by a messed up schedule after we had to slow down for construction. We waited for a number of freight trains and passenger trains headed east. Two lessons learned: be flexible and take a blanket when traveling by rail.


We’re only here for a few days, but I think we’re packing twice as many days worth of activities into those days. 🙂 After supper we headed to the Rose Gardens. Rows on rows of beautiful flowers! When we walked under the rose-covered arch where Aunt Carlene is walking here, I could smell them from the sidewalk.





I’ll have to depend on pictures for today’s journey because I can’t remember all the stops. 🙂 We drove over 200 miles. We started off by driving to Crown Point and The Vista House to see the mountains from a good vantage point. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy so we saw less than we hoped for. We did get a great view of Multnomah Falls!


The next picture helps illustrate the weather.


Uncle Marv explained that salmon are considered a crop in Oregon thanks to Native American influence. We stopped at a fish hatchery. One of their sturgeon, named Hermon, is ten feet long! We think we saw him. 🙂 We fed a school of very greedy fish. Keturah shared some of her fish food with a little boy.


We drove in circles for a bit in search of lavender fields. One was too small. Way too much of a lavender garden. The field we found was no longer open to the public. In our search we did find this little patch of poppies. Keturah and Aunt Carlene hopped out and snapped a few pictures while Uncle Marv wrestled with the GPS.


We drove up to Timberline Lodge in hopes of seeing Mt. Hood, but it was way too cloudy. We braced ourselves against the wind and huffed up the hill to the lodge. 30 degrees and wind is pretty cold when you’re only wearing a light jacket! We both ignored the fact that it could be chilly and didn’t bring jackets. Luckily for us, our hostess has plenty of jackets in our size! This is the window through which we were supposed to be able to see Mt. Hood.


 Tomorrow we’re heading to downtown Portland. We’ll keep updating. We’ve got four people and four cameras. Between the four of us we even include pictures of the people, not just the scenery. 🙂


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