Oregon::Part 2

We started off Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Portland, a great place to sample all kinds of food, get a taste of the culture, and capture snapshots of interesting people and beautiful produce. If I wouldn’t have been staying for a few days longer I would have ignored the sensible voice in my head and taken a bouquet of peonies and sweet peas back to Indiana on the train.




This band made my day! I felt like I went back in time to an era I’ve only experienced through pictures. I’m really glad comb-over hairstyle the lead singer had hasn’t stayed around. It’s dreadful!




Jam or jelly anyone?


Keturah caught these two little guys giving each other fist bumps. 🙂


A really wonderful window in the parking garage where we spent at least ten minutes trying to get decent lighting for a picture of Keturah and me. And as usual I’m the subject on which the photographers test the light.


Mugs at Anthropologie. I could go in there every week just to window shop.


The end of Saturday’s adventures and the beginning of Sunday’s…

Oregon coast…


In front of Yaquina Head’s lighthouse, where we went to see the tidepools.


I wondered over the rocks barefoot. I hadn’t realized how rough the rocks would be so I didn’t have shoes. Besides, going barefoot is a better tactile experience. 🙂 I didn’t realize I was such an oddity until we went back and one of the volunteers commented on seeing me out on the rocks barefoot. Her comment when I confessed to walking barefoot: “Good gracious, balls of fire.”


Keturah has an uncanny ability to discover small creatures. In this case it was crabs hiding under the rocks.


These shells are navy blue. We found little pieces that had been smoothed by the water, but we had to leave them at the beach. Fortunately we found a few more at another beach we visited. I think I gathered enough little things to make a mobile–inspired by the owl rock I found formed by lava rock in the shape of an owl with two holes for eyes.


At the beach in Lincoln City.




This is us. We’ve been traveling around Oregon for the last three days. We have half a day yet and then we head back. One more update in Chicago or home.



4 thoughts on “Oregon::Part 2

  1. I am super jealous of your trip. You two have some killer pictures! I never really had a desire to go to Oregon until now… And traveling my train? That is on my bucket list!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Although, the lead singers hair is very much coming back in style. And I must say I kinda like it. 🙂 I traveled along Oregon’s coast years back, but I remember how wild and alive it was! 🙂

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