Mapped Out

A few months ago I saw a wedding map drawn by Lindsey from The Postman’s Knock. Across the wall, in another study room was a friend of mine who had just passed out her wedding invitations. My friend (Virginia) likes vintage and art and maps. And, of course, spending time at interesting places with her fiancee, now husband, Kenneth. I sent her a link because I knew I couldn’t make this gift a surprise. She also thought it was a wonderful idea, and agreed to send me a list of locations.

The original idea was supposed to be for the insert in the invitations, listing the places the wedding would involve. Instead, the couple chose places special to them while they were dating. Thanks to Virginia’s directions and a few extra emails, we got pictures of all the places which I put together into one map using my calligraphy pen, India ink, and watercolors.


The finished piece ended up involving most of my family. My little brother kindly made this frame for me out of weathered cedar. I was going to skip the glass because I didn’t know where I could get glass that would fit. Then my mom wondered about glass and said ACE Hardware would cut glass to any size I wanted. Yay! Then my dad decided I needed to rout out a space to hold the glass, which he proceeded to do for me. My mom picked up the glass that night and I had it all ready. I tacked on some cardboard we had for the back of frames and the whole thing was a nice, neat package. (It’s great to live with a crafty family! 🙂 )



My Favorite Light


The last few months I’ve been infatuated with warm evening sun. The light is no longer bright enough to create silhouettes of everything. Instead, everything is bathed in golden light.


I’ve made people pose for me simply because I couldn’t let the light go to waste.


Last night I was on my way home from town. The last of the day’s light was shining into my window. I was pretty sure these wild lilies would pair beautifully with that golden light. These lilies growing along our road did not disappoint!