Outside of the box is a blog created by sisters. The first eighteen to twenty years of their lives were spent together. Their styles morphed into one as they fed off each other’s ideas and suggestions. To be completed, their creations often needed the particular talents each one had. Now the girls live six hours apart. Although they still give the finishing touches on the other’s work, their personalities and strengths have become more pronounced.

Hannah is a college student who finds it necessary to take time for little projects to keep from getting stale while studying. She enjoys crocheting, especially scarves because they can be finished quickly. Whenever possible, she cooks. At home this includes trying out new recipes; at school she contents herself with perfecting coffee drinks. Making food attractive is the part she enjoys the most.

Keturah lives at home. The room the girls once shared is now filled with craft supplies and half-finished projects. She is a photographer of people and details. She paints with watercolor and latex. She makes pillows and fabric flowers. One of her dream jobs is to redo furniture she finds at thrift stores.


Email us: outsideoftheboxblog@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, just wanted warn you that i will be stalking this blog ! 🙂 It will keep me out of the boredom club, and maybe inspire me to try something new ! You girls are doing a great job !

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