Watercolor Calligraphy

Watercolor calligraphy. Sounds intriguing. But what is it? I recently purchased the book Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe. This book is a fantastic introduction to modern calligraphy and inspiring for those of us who have dabbled in calligraphy a bit already.


When I first saw watercolor calligraphy in her book, I was interested but not convinced. I wasn’t sure that it was really my style. I tend to go for simple, understated art and it looked like the writing, though beautiful, was a touch on the gaudy side. But thanks to the encouragement of a few friends I decided I had to try it anyhow.

SONY DSCIt’s a lot of fun! Yes, it is more challenging than ink from an inkwell. But the delightful variety that just happens makes it worthwhile. Besides, learning a new skill will help fight off Alzheimers, right? 🙂 The thing that gives me the most difficulty is that I can’t tap my nib against the inkwell because I’m loading the nib with a brush. This left me with lots of ink blots at first. But I’m learning.


You really can do this with the cheapest set available at Walmart. You know those Crayola sets you had when you were five. Yes, it will work. The blending happens when you add a new color to the nib before the old color is gone. So in one paper you might have ten different shades even though you only used three colors!


I chose these colors to show the fresh green of spring. Yes, spring is coming. Even in rainy Guys Mills where we see more rain on sunshine than sun on rain.