The Poppy Dress

A few months ago in the post Excuses, I showed a picture of a dress I made over Easter break. I’ve been meaning to post more pictures, so finally…here you go.


The poppy dress was another of those mental evolutions. I had enough linen left over from one of my dresses to make a dress for this little miss. After an internet search for ideas and free patterns, I discovered a poppy dress with 3-D flowers. That inspired this one.


In an image search I found clip art that had poppies in a row very much like I did the dress. I cut out the petals using that as a pattern. That was probably the trickiest part. Next I burned the edges of the red fabric, then I was ready to sew the flowers to the dress. I used a double needle for the stems and finished it off with tiny beads for the seeds. And that’s that. Of course it took a bit longer than it took you to read this. 🙂


I miss this little girlie since I can’t spoil her weekly.